The journey

Robert Falcon Scott
When Robert Falcon Scott set off on his second journey to explore the Antarctic he could not have predicted it would be his last.

  1. Scott's last expedition
  2. News of a great tragedy
  3. From hero to man
  4. Early years

Exploring Antarctica
The rumour of a great southern continent had circulated since the time of Ancient Greece, but its existence was only confirmed in 1773.

  1. The allure of the south
  2. Antarctic exploration before the Terra Nova expedition
  3. Discovery expedition, 1901 - 1904

Preparing for Terra Nova
Three years after the Discovery expedition’s return, Scott wrote to the Royal Geographical Society announcing his plans for a second expedition.

  1. Return to the south
  2. An expensive venture
  3. Recruiting a team
  4. Planning the work ahead
  5. Supplies for years in Antarctica

Steaming south
On 15 June 1910, the ship Terra Nova was given an enthusiastic send off as she left Cardiff.

  1. The journey begins
  2. Life on board
  3. Science on the way
  4. Last stop New Zealand

The Cape Evans hut
Cape Evans was chosen as the main base for the men that would stay on mainland Antarctica, the Shore Party.

  1. Setting up base
  2. Life at Cape Evans
  3. The Shore Party
  4. Divided into sections
  5. A place to sleep

Living in Antarctica
Life in Antarctica could be monotonous and when they were not working it was important for the men to keep their minds occupied.

  1. Not just work
  2. Connecting with the world outside
  3. Dressed for outdoors
  4. Keeping clean, staying well
  5. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  6. A midwinter feast

Journey to the South Pole
In an age where the world was running out of new lands to discover, the South Pole became a desirable goal for many explorers.

  1. A competitor – Roald Amundsen
  2. Preparing for the journey
  3. Laying depots
  4. Amundsen’s journey
  5. Scott’s journey
  6. The long return
  7. Last words of dying men

The aftermath
Back at the Cape Evans hut, the remaining men had no way of knowing how the Polar Party was getting on.

  1. Waiting in vain
  2. Finding the last camp
  3. The return from Antarctica

A lasting legacy
Terra Nova returned from Antarctica with hundreds of crates, jars and bottles, containing thousands of specimens.

  1. A vast scientific collection
  2. The science of Antarctica
  3. A iconic heritage site
  4. A unique conservation project